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 About The Workshops.

'Meet The Bugs!' Workshops are hands on workshops which include the opportunity to view, touch or hold a range of tropical invertebrates.

The workshops are suitable for all ages, from Foundation Stage to adult and can be tailored to fit your group’s needs or simply provide a bit of fun!

At present the collection includes various species of snails, cockroaches, stick insects.

(Please see the Meet The Bugs! webpage to see photos!)

All the invertebrates are safe and are used to being touched or held. They do not bite, sting, scratch or squirt!

Wherever possible I will bring along adults and young of each species.

There are also various bug artefacts to view, inside boxes,including eggs, shed skins, and poo!

The following are examples of workshops that are currently available:

Fun session:

A workshop where the emphasis is on getting to know the bugs

and finding out key facts about them.


This workshop is a great start or finish to a Minibeasts project.


A workshop focusing on the adaptations that bugs have

which enable them to live and survive.


This workshop explores the lifecycles of bugs.


This workshop focuses on how bugs live and survive

in their particular habitats.

N.B. The same bug species are used in all the workshops, and some info may be repeated.

So workshops can be combined into one to cover topics/themes required.

If you cannot see

the workshop you require

please ask!

Workshop Prices:*

1 session £60

2 sessions £100

3 sessions £130

4 sessions £160

*All prices are plus travel costs:

40p per mile for distances over 10 miles from my base in Horsforth, Leeds.

Workshops are 1hr in length and for 1 class (Maximum Number 30).

Shorter/ longer sessions are available.

Please contact me for details.